Campus Bornholm constitutes the major educational institution on the island of Bornholm. We offer a variety of courses ranging from high school, business college and technical school to supplementary training and adult vocational training, making Campus Bornholm the regional gateway to professional careers and higher education. More than 1500 youths and 4100 adults attend courses here.

We hold four core values which we constantly explore in our ongoing journey to progress. These values are:

Innovation – we encourage curiosity and explore new ways of thinking and new ways of teaching.

Networking – we believe in personal and professional progress through corporation and networking.

Ambition – we offer development opportunities to students from all spheres of life and within each subject study we strive for excellence.

Responsibility – towards our educational task, towards the community of which we are part, towards the environment and towards past and future generations.

We embrace the vision of Bright Green Island which sets forth the island of Bornholm as a CO2-neutral society and a pioneer of green growth. As agent in this green transformation we strive to integrate environmental concerns and green methods and technologies in the study plans across all our educational activities.

For further information regarding Campus Bornholm, please, contact us.

Campus Bornholm
Minervavej 1
3700 Rønne

T: +45 56959700
E: post@cabh.dk

26. Juni 2018