Parking: How to get a permit (... and aviod a fee)

Parking on our parking lots at Minervavej 1 and 2 requires a parking permit.

We collaborate with ParkZone, who enforce our parking rules, and parking without a valid permit will result in a control fee.

If you visit the school, you can get a one-day permit (valid for 8 hours) by registering your car and your email/telephone number on one of the two screens provided in the main building.

You will immediately receive a receipt for the parking permit.

Please note that you must register your car immediately after you have parked and please check that you receive the receipt.

The parking spaces on Minervavej 1 and 2 are reserved for school staff and guests.

Alternative parking options within walking distance are to be found on Merkurvej 10 and at Rønnehallen on Torneværksvej.

We have bicycle parking in the basement an near the bike path.